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Seaweed extract(flake&powder)


The product is made from seaweed in deep sea by scientific process. It adopts the technology of double-enzyme hydrolysis with other organic and inorganic nutrients,made by drum drying. Products are rich in functional component, It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, natural nutrients needed for crop growth and development, medium and trace elements in organic state,  also contains a variety of natural plant growth regulators (auxin, cytokinin,gibberellin, indoleacetic acid, zein, purine, etc.).


After many years experienced at home and abroad,we found the seaweed extract can promote root growth, increase leaves and expand photosynthesis, promote leaves bud and flower bud differentiation, improve pollination seed set rate, promote fruit enlargement, promote coloring, increase sugar content, improve quality, increase yield, and enhance plant resistance to diseases, pests, drought, freezing and water logging.


Type I -- black (powder/flake/micro particle)

Alginic acid ≥12%, N≥ 1%, P2O5 ≥1%,K2O≥ 16%,PH 8-11, amino acid ≥1%, micro elements ≥0.2%, natural plant hormone ≥200PPM,  100%water soluble.
Type II -- black (powder/flake/micro particle)

Alginic acid ≥18%, N≥ 1%, P2O5 ≥1.5%,K2O≥ 18%,PH 8-11, amino acid ≥1.5%, micro element ≥0.2%, natural plant hormone ≥300PPM, betaine ≥0.2%, mannitol ≥1%, 100%water soluble.
Type III -- black (powder flake/micro particle)

Alginic ≥21%, N≥ 1%, P2O5 ≥1.5%,K2O≥ 18%,PH 8-11, amino acid ≥2%, micro elements ≥0.2%, natural plant hormone≥350PPM, betaine ≥0.2%, mannitol ≥3%, 100%water soluble

Application : seed soaking/ irrigation / foliar spraying / water flush

Growing  period



Seed treatment


increase germination,

enhance the resistance of diseases and insect pets.

Seedling stage


Speed up bud, turn green quickly with strong photosynthesis. Inhibit insect pest and virus disease.

Before flower

Anti-Frosting,promote flower bud differentiation and improve flower quality.

After flower

Increase fruit-set rate, Reduce falling   flowers and fruits, Supplement   calcium

Yong fruit stage

Get good quality fruit, prevent physiology to drop fruit.

Expand and coloring

harvest period

Speed up fruit expansion, sugar and color, harvest in advance. Anti-brown   spot disease damage, reduce deciduous fruit

Root irrigation


Promote the development of roots, resist root aging, improve   soil, inhibit the spread of root rot

Relieve pesticide


Repair   damaged cell membrane quickly, replenish nutrition, improve chlorophyll, and   restore growth

【Reference form of successful experience in China and overseas】


First time

Second time

Third time

Fourth time


Seeding stage

Before the first   bloom

Before fruit-set and pod


Within 2days after each picking up


Before bloom

Flower bud period

Flower bud period

After flower

Before fruit drop

During flower faded

Yong fruit


Yong fruit

one time each three weeks during swelling

one time each three weeks before picking

one time each three weeks before mature


Pear /peach


20-30cm new



Before bloom

Physiological   fruiting drop stage

After 2-3 weeks


Early flowering

Flower faded

Summer spraying

Autumn spraying

6 weeks before picking

Mango /Litchi

Before flower bloom

Before fruit drop


Swelling period

One time each 15days autumn spraying



Before flower bud differentiation

Pumping bud stage

After flower

One time Each 15days during the expand

NOTICE: This product has good solubility (except strong alkali and acid) and can enhance the effect when mixed with most pesticide fertilizers but do not mix with the fertilizer or material containing calcium element or use at the same time. When used in combination with acidic fertilizers or pesticides, the proportion test should be carried out first.

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